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The project pursues a better exploitation of the FULL solar SPECTRUM (as requested in the Work Programme) by further developing concepts already scientifically proven but not yet developed and by trying to prove new ones in the search of a breakthrough for the PV technology. More specific objectives are the development of:

    a) III-V multijunction cells (MJC),
    b) Solar Thermo-photovoltaic (TPV) converters,
    c) Intermediate band (IB) materials and cells (IBC),
    d) Molecular based concepts (MBC) for full PV utilisation of the solar spectrum and
    e) Manufacturing Technologies for novel concepts including assembling.

MJC technology towards 40 % efficiency will be developed using lower cost substrates and high light concentration (up or above 1000 suns). TPV is a concept of high theoretical efficiency limit because the whole energy of all the photons is used in the heating process and because the non-used photons can be feed back to the emitter, therefore assisting in keeping it hot. Small prototypes with sun/gas heated emitters will be developed. In the IBC approach sub-bandgap photons are exploited by means of an IB. IB materials will be sought by direct synthesis suggested by material band calculations and using nanotechnology in quantum dot IBCs. In the development of the MBC, topics like the development of two-photon dye cells and the development of a static global (direct and diffuse) light concentrator by means of luminescent multicolour dyes and QDs, with the radiation confined by photonic crystals, will be particularly addressed. Manufacturing technologies include using optoelectronic assembling techniques and coupling of light to cells with new-optics miniconcentrators.

Have a look at the FULLSPECTRUM Brochure (PDF preliminary draft version)
to get an overview about the Project!

Please find here the latest FULLSPECTRUM Publishable executive summary